"HER STORY: Ain't I A Woman"
A Series presented by
the Women's Collective of KVMR

HER STORY 2002 joins HER STORY 2001 as the Women's Collective of KVMR offers twenty more stories of remarkable women.

In celebration of March, Women's History Month, we bring you more short stories, free to all public radio stations for broadcast. These stories were produced by members of the Collective and of our listening community in Western Nevada County.

Each set, HER STORY 2001 and HER STORY 2002, consists of twenty stories of individual, remarkable women. The stories are available in CD form to public radio stations at no charge.

  • Forty individual four minute stories
  • Musical theme is a reggae version of Sojourner Truth's famous speech. "Ain't I A Woman."
  • Some stories include sound clips from the women themselves
  • Some include dramatizations of a woman's words
  • Most include an appropriate musical background

The stories include a range of women, from well known heroes such as Dolores Huerta to less known "Hillbilly Women," from Mother Jones to Mary Magdelene.

  • "Her Story" is now available for download below
  • Also available in CD form
  • Free of charge to public radio stations

Contact Joan Buffington at KVMR, 401 Spring St., Nevada City, CA 95959, or call (530) 265-9073.

Click on the story titles below to download and stream the MP3 file (depending on your setup).
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STORIES - 2001
Lucy, the Bones Sojourner Truth
Presenter: Kristina Somma Presenter: Chris Irving
Jane Goodall Aung San Suu Kyi
Presenter: Kristina Somma Presenter: Joan Buffington
Queen of Sheba Maria Montessori
Presenter: Kristina Somma Presenter: Roo Cantada
Mary Magdelene Mother Jones
Presenter: Tienya Presenter: U. Utah Phillips
Angela Davis Emily Dickinson
Presenter: Heidi Starr Presenter: Jane Morrison
Fannie Lou Hamer Melissa's Grandmother
Presenter: Heidi Starr Presenter: Melissa Thomas
Georgia O'Keefe Hillbilly Women
Presenter: Chris Irving Presenter: Melissa Thomas
Dolores Huerta Eleanor Roosevelt
Presenter: Rosa Lopez Presenter: Sheila O'Connor
Judi Bari Winona LaDuke
Presenter: Joan Buffington Presenter: Joan Buffington
Julia Butterfly Hill Ellen Sargent
To Top of Page Presenter: Joan Buffington Presenter: Joanne Chartier
STORIES - 2002
Melissa’s Mothers Barbara Weidner
Presenter: Melissa Thomas Presenter: Diana Cereza
Hildegard Of Bingen Arundhati Roy
Presenter: Katherine Smith Presenter: Arly Helm
Rachel Carson Lucille Ball
Presenter: Kristina Somma Presenter: Dawn Fischer
Medea Benjamin Mary Halleck Foote
Presenter: Daisy Eisenberg Presenter: Sands Hall
CC’s Grandmother Rainy Blue Cloud Greensfelder
Presenter: CC Love Presenter: Joan Buffington
Anna Marie Carter, The Seed Lady Anne Feeney
Presenter: CC Love Presenter: Joan Buffington
Mary Katherine Greer Eva Camerena
Presenter: Dawa Mae Fitzmaurice Presenter: Joan Buffington
Dorothea Lange Sappho
Presenter: Kristina Somma Presenter: Kathryn Smith
Sweet Betsy From Pike Imogen Cunningham
Presenter: Cool Hand Uke Presenter: Molly Fisk
Elizabeth Zimmerman Marija Gimbutas
To Top of Page Presenter: Lisa Rothman Presenter: Chris Irving
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The Women's Collective of KVMR is excited to be able to offer these stories, created by women in our community. Since we all honor many more than twenty women, we see this as a beginning. We invite contributions to the next in an ongoing series of "Her Story: Ain't I A Woman."

  • The women of Nevada City
  • The broadcasters at KVMR
  • Members of the KVMR National Radio Production Group
  • All the musicians, artists and writers who graciously contributed to this project
  • John Button, web page layout
  • Dan Scanlan, CD and brochure producer
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Dawn Fischer, Editor and Engineer
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